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 Static party!

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Static party! Empty
PostSubject: Static party!   Static party! EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 2:25 am

Hi guys I think we would all benifit if we got a few of us together and make a static party.

a static party for those who dont know is a set of people who set aside a certain amount of time each day/week that they all get together in a party and go lvl and just lvl the whole time. this prevents having to wait around and find a party and have the party disband after like 2 kills you all know you've experiance this.

the static party will meet at "x:xx" time and go to the exp spot and lvl till "y:yy" time. this means that durring the designated time the only thing the party will do is level.

anyway i think this is a good idea and i've seen it work well in other mmos i've played

how i think it should be is:

Gather at time A(mabey 30 mins before Time B to make sure everyone has what the need to lvl)

Get to exp spot at time B (start leveling like mad)

Stop at time C (can go on longer if everyone wants to)

The only problem i can see in doing this is only if the party members are of extreme lvl diffrances and the high one lvl's therefore obviously obstucting the party from being able to party.

If you are intrested there are a few things I need to know.

1: Timezone is most important to avoid confusion
2: Time's you would be able to do this
3: Your Class/Level
4: how long (Time B to Time C) you think the static should exp

Other thing that i personaly dont know like WHERE to exp would also be helpful (i know this depends on level of party members)

the basics of what we will NEED i think is:

p.s. i suck at spelling so um figure it out? bounce
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Static party! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Static party!   Static party! EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 10:02 am


nice idea..
interested o__O

Char Name : CrossoDot
Class : AR/Resser
Level : 55
GMT +7
and.. actually.. if you want me to be focussed on.. i can do it after second chip war..
tell me if you are going to do it..
i need preparation before doing it.. coz.. it's mindnight on my time (when the second chip war end)

well.. well..
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Static party!
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