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 Better start using the voice comms

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Better start using the voice comms Left_bar_bleue1000/1000Better start using the voice comms Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)

Better start using the voice comms Empty
PostSubject: Better start using the voice comms   Better start using the voice comms EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 11:01 pm

I say this because I CANNOT type during PvP, PvE, or during raids. If you want to communicate with me, you'll have to use the voice comms to at least hear what I'm saying. If you don't have a mic or don't speak verbal english very well, use the regular chat features in-game, but DO NOT expect me to type back because it interferes with what I'm doing.

Thanks for reading and sign-up for GSC now! lol

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Better start using the voice comms
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